Ad Hoc awarded contract to support GSA Fleet Platform Modernization

Ad Hoc, as part of a team led by prime contractor Karsun Solutions, has been awarded a contract to support a pivotal modernization project for the General Service Administration’s (GSA) Advanced Fleet Platform.

GSA Fleet provides quality vehicles and cost effective fleet management services to more than 75 federal agencies. GSA offers purchasing and leasing programs, short-term rentals, and ancillary services such as telematics, tracking vehicle speed and location, and tolling. With a modernization goal of creating an intuitive, agile, and integrated system that facilitates and streamlines all aspects of fleet management, GSA is dedicated to improving the fleet experience for its customers, suppliers, and employees.

Through the CIO Modernization and Enterprise Transformation (COMET) contract, the GSA Office of Fleet Management seeks to modernize and migrate its suite of 20 application components and their datasets to a cloud-based architecture known as the Advanced Fleet Platform (AFP), while also retiring the legacy systems, which are primarily mainframe-based.

The AFP will provide users with a solution to streamline fleet management functions while standardizing and automating processes and workflows that leverage a centralized source for all fleet data. Together with our prime, we will support GSA in the modernization of the AFP to provide a user-friendly, digital experience throughout the fleet lifecycle.

Ad Hoc will provide human-centered design and engineering services to support this expansive effort. We will also lead and support user experience, security, and product management for this project. These efficiencies will create more bandwidth for internal users to focus on customer-vendor relationships and growing the fleet business for GSA.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to support GSA and make an impact on a large-scale product that touches users of government vehicles worldwide,” said Ad Hoc Senior UX Designer Edward Alton.

Ad Hoc, led by prime contractor Karsun Solutions, is honored to support GSA and their modernization efforts with this transformational project.

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