Government digital services built to benefit the public.

By applying techniques proven in consumer technology to the challenges of public service, we’re helping agencies build digital services that raise the expectations of what’s possible in government.

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Design for all

Ad Hoc’s human-centered design teams build federal digital services that meet the needs of people who use them. Our cross-functional approach integrates the knowledge we gain from users into our agile development process to set priorities and save time.

How human-centered design can help government make better decisions

  • Customer experience design
  • Accessibility
  • Human-centered design
  • Discovery sprints
  • Usability testing
  • Journey mapping
  • Interaction design
  • User research
  • Information architecture

Build for flexibility

Ad Hoc builds systems with simple, maintainable architectures that dramatically reduce the cost of change. Our product management approach continuously brings new information into the development process, and our agile software teams are designed to make pivots easy and efficient.

Learn what it takes to launch a government website in less than a month

  • Digital product design
  • Agile software development
  • Cloud migration
  • API design
  • Continuous integration and deployment
  • Risk management
  • Iterative product development
  • Developer documentation
  • Testing and monitoring

Deliver at scale

With Ad Hoc’s infrastructure, DevSecOps, and site reliability expertise, agencies can trust that their services will stand up to any demand. At the agency level, Ad Hoc can work across silos to create the platforms, standards, and shared services necessary for sustained digital transformation.

See how Ad Hoc supports Medicare beneficiaries during the busiest time of the year

  • Digital transformation
  • Mobile application development
  • DevSecOps implementation
  • Design systems
  • Platform development
  • Product strategy
  • Security engineering
  • Service design
  • Data engineering

Focused on outcomes

increase in application completions compared to the legacy experience
reduction in wait times for Veterans for disability claims processing
latency improvement for page load times on

Ad Hoc Labs

AI, Large Language Models, and Government

We’re actively exploring how AI tooling can safely increase productivity and help your agency better serve the public.

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Contract vehicles

Learn more about how your agency can access Ad Hoc’s services. See Ad Hoc’s government-wide and agency-specific contract vehicles along with our NAICS codes and contact information.

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Ad Hoc's ISO and CMMI certifications demonstrate our commitment to providing our customers with high-quality, consistent products and services and our ongoing investment in growth, reliability, innovation, and continuous process improvement.

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Selected past performance

Ad Hoc has led the design, development, and product management of the public-facing portions of since 2016. Our team has built a reliable, user-centered public experience including the ability to see and compare plans, find local help, and ultimately enroll for healthcare.

Ad Hoc’s leadership in product management and user-centered design helped VA consolidate dozens of websites into a unified Veteran-centric online experience for America’s more than 20 million Veterans and affiliated users. is a transformative project designed to increase access to VA information, benefits, and services for Veterans and affiliated users via a single portal.

VA API Development & Operations

Ad Hoc administers, builds, maintains, and improves an API platform that supports third-party development teams creating VA services. The team works collaboratively with and a multitude of other private-sector teams to build modern, reliable, user-centered APIs toward the goal of creating a single online destination for developers to discover, understand, and build against VA's APIs.

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