Ad Hoc wins contract to support Head Start data platform

Ad Hoc is proud to have been awarded a contract from the Office of Head Start to help them build a modern data system that will allow the program to better serve more than a million children across the U.S every year. We’re also excited to be part of this assisted acquisition with 18F as they scale their digital transformation efforts across the federal government.

“This project brings together both an amazing mission and an innovative approach to technology acquisitions for expanding modernization in the federal government. Ad Hoc is thrilled to support both 18F and the Department of Health and Human Services to build modern tools that will help Head Start better serve children across the country,”

—said Ad Hoc Co-Founder and CEO Greg Gershman.

The contract with the Administration of Children and Families’ Office of Head Start is to develop a new Training and Technical Assistance Data Platform. The Training and Technical Assistance system helps Head Start and Early Head Start programs across the nation provide quality services to children and their families. Through direct grants to local organizations, the program supports numerous initiatives including giving teachers opportunities to learn new skills, assisting families in coping with disasters, and helping parents support their children’s literacy skills.

This program comes with significant federal data reporting requirements, which are currently stored in 27 disconnected platforms with a “limited and unscalable legacy system,” according to the RFQ.

Ad Hoc will work with the Office of Head Start to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that builds on work started by 18F and will allow the program to better track and analyze the Training and Technical Assistance data it gets from grant recipients. The goal for this MVP is to help Head Start connect the dots with activity reporting in order to gain valuable insights into the intent, experience, and effectiveness of training and technical assistance activities. With better tools, Head Start will be able to make data-informed decisions that continuously improve their services.

Head Start’s mission to help low-income families across the country prepare their children for school is one of the shining examples of the good that government can do for the public. In addition to helping Veterans access benefits and designing a better sign-up experience, Ad Hoc is proud to support government programs like Head Start that promote the general welfare.