How emerging-large companies can help agencies like GSA best achieve their goals

Today, government agencies can choose from a variety of vendors to support them in achieving their mission and improving how they serve the public.

With so many options, it’s critical to develop a comprehensive evaluation process to help you select the right partner who can assist you in fulfilling your objectives and improving your digital services. We believe that emerging-large technology companies like Ad Hoc offer the right balance of expert skills, deep knowledge, and capacity for individualized attention that can help you transform your services.

Our commitment to excellence

At Ad Hoc, we take pride in the quality of our work and our attention to every detail in the programs we support across agencies. We provide personalized attention to our partners, use cross-functional teams of experts to create successful outcomes, focus on customer experience (CX) from day one, and ensure we use agency resources responsibly throughout our work together. By adhering to these priorities, we consistently help agencies across the government landscape create better results for their staff and the people they serve.

The right vendor to meet your changing needs

Ad Hoc is an emerging-large technology company that prioritizes relationships with each of our customers. Even though we’ve grown since our inception during the rescue, we’re able to give agencies the focus and attention that they often miss with larger companies. This attention is fundamental to understanding an agency’s needs and objectives and is critical to ensuring our partners can rely on us to be agile and responsive. This personalized approach ensures that agencies’ needs and concerns are addressed promptly throughout the project, fostering a solid partnership that’s collaborative, effective, and grounded in trust.

The importance of team structure

The additional advantage we provide customers over small companies is that because of our growing size and experience, we have an extensive team of experts with a broad range of skill sets. We understand that complex government projects require a cross-functional approach, with all team members involved from start to finish. Working cross-functionally prevents siloed information and depending too heavily on individuals. When production, research, design, engineering, and testing are set apart, you risk long latency in delivery and expensive rework. Our teams collaborate relentlessly, and this allows us to deliver comprehensive solutions, tackle challenges head-on, and quickly adapt to our customers’ evolving needs.

Focusing on end users

Ad Hoc is first and foremost focused on developing a quality product with the end user in mind. Centering our work on product management and outcomes as opposed to merely managing a project in a rigid timeframe means collaborating with our customers to deliver the right things in the right way. Our experts in accessibility, human-centered design, CX, user research, and engineering work together to understand the needs and expectations of the individuals who will be using an agency’s product or service and then build accordingly. Prioritizing the end user’s needs instead of optimizing for pre-defined requirements helps us develop user-friendly, innovative solutions that align with the agency’s goals and create a product the public wants and can easily use.

Valuing results over process

We use methodologies like Agile, DevSecOps, human-centered design, and product management because they produce tangible results for end users. But they also result in cost efficiency and scalability for agencies. All too often, teams can deliver on the technical requirements, but the end product does not meet the needs of real users or advance actual business objectives. Instead of simply hiring developers, Ad Hoc builds a strong technical culture and works with the government to implement a high-quality software delivery organization that’s able to deliver excellent results.

Combining these methods with strategic partnerships for positive change

We’re extremely proud of the methods we employ to help agencies build high-quality digital services, and you can learn more about them in our many playbooks and field guides, like the Digital Services Playbook and the Product Field Guide. These collections of best practices from our 10 years of experience supporting federal agencies help public organizations transform their methods, culture, and technology to become digital-first organizations that improve how they serve people.

Throughout our history as a company, we’ve used our expertise to collaborate with digital service teams like the U.S. Digital Service (USDS) and 18F to help other agencies grow their knowledge of digital transformation and then begin reimagining their digital service delivery. Our partnerships with USDS and 18F have been crucial in advocating for modernized digital services in government.

Using ethical and fiscally responsible practices

Integrity is foundational to all our work at Ad Hoc. We understand the importance of transparency, honesty, and ethical practices in the government contracting space, and we’re committed to these standards in every interaction. This helps our customers trust us to navigate government projects with professionalism and adhere to the highest standards of conduct.

We also know the value and importance of fiscal responsibility. Our technology expertise and agile approach help to ensure our work is efficient and cost-effective, and we manage resources to avoid unnecessary expenses and risks. We help our customers find innovative new ways to deliver high-quality digital services in cost-effective ways, maximizing the impact of their project budget. We also have structures in place to recruit, hire, and retain the right people, and we invest in training and maintaining a strong culture around product management, user experience design, research, and software engineering.

With our knowledge and expertise, and by using industry-leading practices, we’re able to help agencies avoid unnecessary work and choose simple, effective solutions that help them meet their goals. This helps them get the most value out of their time and budgets. And we’re able to achieve this without compromising the quality of our work.

Working together to improve the public’s experience

Never has it been more important to work together to transform government products and services so that everyone can access them easily and perform the tasks they need efficiently. At Ad Hoc, we see daily the impact these changes have on the lives of the people who depend on government services, and we are committed to going the distance with our customers to make processes better.

We would love the opportunity to talk with you about how our teams can support you in your mission and create a smooth, pleasant experience for all your customers. Reach us at