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COVID-19 vaccine IT consulting

If you’re an official of a federal, state, local, or tribal government agency in the U.S., Ad Hoc is offering a free 1-hour consultation to help you with your public-facing COVID-19 vaccine website or mobile app.

We’re pleased to virtually meet with you and your in-house or contract IT services team to offer consultation on how to get your critical digital services stable and able to serve the public.

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Stabilizing your existing site

We can walk you through the main operational concerns to prevent your site from going down or generating errors.

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Building a list of targeted fixes and improvements that will afford the most short-term performance improvement.

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Installing and effectively using monitoring tools that bring transparency and insight to exactly how your site is performing.

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Databases can be tricky to get right and are often the cause of most bottlenecks. We can help you improve configurations, add indexes, optimize queries, and cache common requests.

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The best tool at your disposal to ensure your services remain available during periods of unpredictable, spiky, or heavy load is to have on-demand, elastic resources available in the form of cloud computing, networking, and storage. We can identify the right cloud configuration for auto-scaling your agency’s site.

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App performance
Identifying and resolving bugs that are preventing your users from making it through your service.

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Deployment pipeline/change management
Unsticking and automating deployments and testing, so you can make changes with confidence.

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UX/UI improvements
Your UI flow may be making it difficult for users to enroll. We can suggest improvements that preserve requirements but are centered on the user experience.

Contact us

Government officials can contact either of Ad Hoc’s co-founders directly to set up a time to talk and ensure all of the right people are on the call.

Greg Gershman, CEO
greg@adhoc.team or (443) 928-2961

Paul Smith, CTO
paul@adhoc.team or (312) 492-4668

Our experienced team has operated high-traffic, mission-critical websites and web applications on behalf of government customers for more than 7 years. Our proven achievements include the rescue of HealthCare.gov after its troubled launch.

Ad Hoc is a mission-driven organization that cares deeply about helping government succeed and ensuring teams get good value out of their digital services. We can advise on any of the services listed, however, our intent is to listen, understand, and work with you to help you successfully use technology to get people vaccinated.

Our consultation is offered at no cost, as authorized to support your agency’s market research efforts under FAR Part 10, as well as state and local government procurement regulations counterparts.

Get hands-on help.

Interested in working with Ad Hoc to design, build, or operate digital services to assist in fighting COVID-19?

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