Our Team

  • Photo of Paul Smith, Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder at Ad Hoc

    Paul Smith

    Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

    Paul Smith is a software engineer who has been developing applications professionally for more than fifteen years. He was a co-founder of EveryBlock, a pioneering hyperlocal news startup. He worked on the 2012 re-election campaign of President Obama as the deputy director of technology of the DNC. Paul was a leader of the team that fixed HealthCare.gov after its troubled launch.

  • Photo of Greg Gershman, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder at Ad Hoc

    Greg Gershman

    Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

    An experienced software developer and entrepreneur, Greg’s career has included work in both startups and government. Greg’s experience as a Presidential Innovation Fellow and as part of the “tech surge” that fixed HealthCare.gov after its troubled launch, and his belief that small, smart teams of developers can improve how government delivers services, led him to co-found Ad Hoc.

  • Photo of Alayna Abel, Operations Analyst at Ad Hoc

    Alayna Abel

    Operations Analyst

    Alayna is an operations analyst who loves thinking on her feet, designing creative solutions to complex problems, and learning about everything.

  • Photo of Mike Auclair, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Mike Auclair

    Software Engineer

    Mike is a software engineer with over a decade of industry experience, building CRMs, real estate platforms, and large-scale applications for government.

  • Photo of Jeff Balboni, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Jeff Balboni

    Software Engineer

    Jeff is a front-end engineer with ten years of experience building applications on the web. He’s passionate about building user interfaces that are friendly and easy to use.

  • Photo of Rachel Baliff, Director of Human Resources at Ad Hoc

    Rachel Baliff

    Director of Human Resources

    Rachel is a results-oriented HR leader with 15+ years experience in technology start-ups, media, & consumer goods. She is committed to delivering progressive HR initiatives, championing a fair, consistent approach to staffing & management, and exceeding internal & external client expectations.

  • Photo of Brian Bonenberger, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Brian Bonenberger

    Software Engineer

    Brian is a front-end software engineer who spent a decade building web applications for giant corporations and tiny startups before joining Ad Hoc.

  • Photo of Danny Chapman, Creative Director at Ad Hoc

    Danny Chapman

    Creative Director

    A designer of applications and services, Danny has over ten years experience improving citizen interactions with government. Danny specializes in taking government user experience from backwards and dated, to cutting edge and award-winning.

  • Photo of Daniel Cloud, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Daniel Cloud

    Software Engineer

    Daniel is a software engineer with experience creating web and iOS apps. He got into this line of work before “cloud computing” was a buzzword.

  • Photo of Nick Clyde, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Nick Clyde

    Software Engineer

    Nick is a software engineer who is passionate about improving healthcare by fiddling around with computers. He also happens to be obsessed with making really good coffee.

  • Photo of Alastair Dawson, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Alastair Dawson

    Software Engineer

    Alastair has over 15 years experience developing applications for both startups and established companies. Having worked in the media, banking, and mobile sectors he’s excited to bring his insight to Ad Hoc and help streamline government services.

  • Photo of Sophia Dengo, Designer at Ad Hoc

    Sophia Dengo


    Sophia is a designer/developer who loves to solve problems. She was introduced to civic tech in 2015 as a Code for America Fellow and comes to Ad Hoc after a year of getting to know how American city governments work. In a former life, she built multimedia storytelling interfaces for a major news outlet. When not in front of a computer screen, you can find her at a jeweler’s bench or the nearest yarn shop.

  • Photo of Robert DiMartino, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Robert DiMartino

    Software Engineer

    Robert is a software engineering with a background in mathematics. Prior to joining Ad Hoc, programming was his hobby. Now he is excited to work on applications that other people will actually use.

  • Photo of Eugene Doan, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Eugene Doan

    Software Engineer

    Eugene is a developer with experience working on web and desktop applications. He believes in building software with form and function that delights users.

  • Photo of Laura Ellena, User Experience Researcher at Ad Hoc

    Laura Ellena

    User Experience Researcher

    Laura is a user experience researcher who is interested in plain language and hearing strangers’ life stories on public transit. She previously worked on police open data as a 2015 Code for America Fellow.

  • Photo of Robert Fairhead, Technical Project Manager at Ad Hoc

    Robert Fairhead

    Technical Project Manager

    Bob has more than a decade of experience across government and the private sector. He’s worked on business strategy, foreign affairs, and technology projects.

  • Photo of Louis Fettet, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Louis Fettet

    Software Engineer

    Louis is a software engineer with a passion for projects that matter. He has experience working on the open data programs of a handful of government organizations, and is excited to continue repeating the phrase “I fight for the users” as he takes on projects at Ad Hoc. In his spare time he plays a variety of tabletop games and video games and obsesses over all things A Song of Ice and Fire.

  • Photo of Oren Fromberg, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Oren Fromberg

    Software Engineer

    Oren has over a decade of experience developing software. Passionate about the web, he also has broad expertise with robotics, computer vision, simulation, and augmented reality. Driven by making other people say “wow”.

  • Photo of Chris Gansen, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Chris Gansen

    Software Engineer

    Chris is a regular guy who likes making software that helps people live better lives. Over the course of his career, he has helped build software to re-elect a president, raise millions of dollars for charity, educate small-business owners in developing economies, and help folks get coupons for canned tuna.

  • Photo of Cat Greim, Delivery Manager at Ad Hoc

    Cat Greim

    Delivery Manager

    Cat likes to build things with people, whether on the web or at her local community garden. She joins Ad Hoc to continue working at the intersection of technology and public service.

  • Photo of Brian Gryth, Delivery Manager at Ad Hoc

    Brian Gryth

    Delivery Manager

    Brian joins Ad Hoc to do the work he loves, helping governments deliver technologies that make government accessible to everyone, not just experts and lawyers. For a decade, he led civic efforts, like OpenColorado & Go Code Colorado, that created richer and more civically engaged communities.

  • Photo of Katie Gwinn, Operations Analyst at Ad Hoc

    Katie Gwinn

    Operations Analyst

    Katie is a lover of lists, spreadsheets and people. Her role with Ad Hoc allows her to bring these all together and focus on all things Operations. Prior to joining Ad Hoc, Katie worked in the financial services and aerospace & defense industries.

  • Photo of Spencer Hawkins, Software Security Analyst at Ad Hoc

    Spencer Hawkins

    Software Security Analyst

    Spencer is a passionate cybersecurity professional with a desire to change the way people see security. As an avid hiker and camper, he loves being outdoors just as much as he loves being on his computer.

  • Photo of Shawna Hein, Designer at Ad Hoc

    Shawna Hein


    Shawna comes to design with a background in Computer Science, Sociology, and HCI. She specializes in touch and mobile design, and worked for years as an independent consultant doing research and design for top tech businesses in the Bay Area.

  • Photo of Aubrey Holland, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Aubrey Holland

    Software Engineer

    Aubrey stumbled into a job doing atmospheric modeling in Fortran way back in 1995 and hasn’t stopped writing code since. His career has consisted primarily of web development projects for startups, primarily using languages and tools not developed in the 1950s.

  • Photo of Alexis James, Delivery Manager at Ad Hoc

    Alexis James

    Delivery Manager

    Alexis is an experienced Project/Product Manager with over 10 years of experience working on diverse software/web products for government, military, hospital and university clients. She brings her personal passion for thoughtful user experience/interaction design to all of her work.

  • Photo of Carl Johnson, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Carl Johnson

    Software Engineer

    Carl is a philosopher and programmer. His first computer was a Laser 128.

  • Photo of Chris Johnson, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Chris Johnson

    Software Engineer

    Chris began his career over a decade ago enlisting in the Air Force as a computer programmer. Since then, he’s generally worked on web applications for a variety of startups. He prefers spaces vs. tabs, vim vs. emacs, and Coke vs. Pepsi.

  • Photo of Jonathan Julian, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Jonathan Julian

    Software Engineer

    Jonathan has over 20 years of experience in software engineering, including backend, web, and mobile development. He has always loved taking things apart — and putting them back together again.

  • Photo of Kam Karshenas, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Kam Karshenas

    Software Engineer

    Kam wrote his first lines of code at the age of 10, modifying Gorillas.bas to make bigger explosions. He has since honed his skills in multiple programming languages and is passionate about crafting beautiful, well-tested and secure web applications (so that things don’t explode).

  • Photo of James Kassemi, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    James Kassemi

    Software Engineer

    James is passionate about crafting well tested and scalable software applications. He is excited to apply over a decade of experience in the startup world to enhancing government services.

  • Photo of Brian King, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Brian King

    Software Engineer

    Brian likes to write clean, portable, and practical software. He can be found among his dog entourage, donut and coffee in-hand.

  • Photo of Ken Koski, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Ken Koski

    Software Engineer

    Ken got a taste of software development by doing frontend work for a startup, and has never looked back. He writes software that maximizes happiness and minimizes pain.

  • Photo of Ben Kutil, Designer at Ad Hoc

    Ben Kutil


    Ben focuses on design systems that help people succeed, with an emphasis on performance and accessibility.

  • Photo of Elizabeth Lewis, Technical Project Manager at Ad Hoc

    Elizabeth Lewis

    Technical Project Manager

    Elizabeth joins Ad Hoc with 15 years of project/program management experience ranging from process improvement to software implementations and everything in between. She thrives off projects that result in change and a positive user impact.

  • Photo of Lihan Li, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Lihan Li

    Software Engineer

    Lihan is an engineer engineering emazing ebsites.

  • Photo of Maury Lindo, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Maury Lindo

    Software Engineer

    Maury is a software engineer who has an eye for pixel perfection. He aims to create visually stunning and interactive websites.

  • Photo of Stacy Linn, Designer at Ad Hoc

    Stacy Linn


    Stacy is a UX designer with background in architecture and engineering. She is passionate about using design to make positive impact. Outside of work she is an avid hiker, backpacker, gardener and science illustrator.

  • Photo of Austin Martinez, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Austin Martinez

    Software Engineer

    Austin is a software engineer with experience working at Silicon Valley startups. He is excited to create software that impacts millions of people and streamlines government processes.

  • Photo of Wryen Meek, Business Analyst at Ad Hoc

    Wryen Meek

    Business Analyst

    Wryen is passionate about building Civic Technology that works for everyone, every time. He is excited to join the Ad Hoc team to craft 21st-century solutions that matter.

  • Photo of Curtis Mejeur, Program Director at Ad Hoc

    Curtis Mejeur

    Program Director

    Curtis is an experienced program manager who has grown large and small programs.
    He led the US Government’s technical response to the breach at OPM. He believes strongly in enabling the autonomy of engineering.

  • Photo of Bill Mill, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Bill Mill

    Software Engineer

    Bill is a software developer with more than ten years of experience creating programs of all sorts. He gets data from the database to where it needs to go with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of efficiency.

  • Photo of Michael Miller, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Michael Miller

    Software Engineer

    With a background in academia (computer science and formal reasoning systems), government, and private industry, Michael has been developing software for more than fifteen years. He has a strong interest in research which has led to a number of patents and successful applications.

  • Photo of Leanna Miller Sharkey, Technical Project Manager at Ad Hoc

    Leanna Miller Sharkey

    Technical Project Manager

    Leanna joins Ad Hoc as a technical project manager. She’s excited to help the team develop elegant solutions to important problems. Before Ad Hoc, Leanna specialized in product development and marketing for startups.

  • Photo of Scott Murray, Business Analyst at Ad Hoc

    Scott Murray

    Business Analyst

    Scott is an out-of-the-box problem solver who is excited to join Ad Hoc and see his work truly help people.

  • Photo of Ryan Nagle, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Ryan Nagle

    Software Engineer

    Ryan builds internet things to help people better understand and get along with the world around them. Before joining Ad Hoc, he worked in journalism, helping news organizations (e.g., Chicago Tribune, INN, BreakingNews.com) share their reporting with the world.

  • Photo of Juliana Neelbauer, Chief Operating Officer at Ad Hoc

    Juliana Neelbauer

    Chief Operating Officer

    Juliana leads business operations at Ad Hoc following her years of experience as a corporate counsel for software companies, business consultant, college lecturer, hackathon mentor to organizers and hackers, tech law blogger, and as an adviser to hundreds of engineers and executives.

  • Photo of Mark Olson, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Mark Olson

    Software Engineer

    Mark is a backend software developer who sometimes yearns for halcyon days of TI-BASIC and making sites entirely in Notepad.

  • Photo of Daniel X. O’Neil, Director of Product Development & Business Strategy at Ad Hoc

    Daniel X. O’Neil

    Director of Product Development & Business Strategy

    Dan has worked on the Internet since 1998, running consulting practices, building products, and starting companies. He is a co-founder of EveryBlock, founding executive director of Smart Chicago, and a board member at Voqal and Sunlight Foundation.

  • Photo of Cindy Phan, Designer at Ad Hoc

    Cindy Phan


    Cindy is a designer passionate about understanding why things are the way they are and finding ways to make them even better. She’s spent years working with social impact organizations on how to use design + tech to increase their reach.

  • Photo of James Rhein, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    James Rhein

    Software Engineer

    James is a software engineer who has been writing code to help people obtain health insurance since the beginning of his career. He is excited about helping to develop software that makes a difference in people’s lives.

  • Photo of Rachael Roueché, Technical Project Manager at Ad Hoc

    Rachael Roueché

    Technical Project Manager

    Rachael is crazy about using the web to make complex tasks easy. She’s been in the project management world for seven years, working with teams to deliver software, websites, mobile apps (and more!) for organizations large and small.

  • Photo of Bill Ryan, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Bill Ryan

    Software Engineer

    Bill is a programmer with a background in software security. He spends his days working up and down the tech stack; changing stuff and seeing what happens.

  • Photo of Mickin Sahni, Delivery Manager at Ad Hoc

    Mickin Sahni

    Delivery Manager

    Most excited when working with great people to solve real problems, Mickin is a product developer focused on product management, strategy, and design. Past projects include making it easier for citizens to access SNAP benefits, promoting safety on telco sites across the U.S., and supporting civil servants in the EOP.

  • Photo of Ben Shyong, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Ben Shyong

    Software Engineer

    Ben Shyong is a software engineer who first got into computers when playing solitaire on a Windows 3.1 machine. He was a co-founder of Meddik, a digital health startup serving online patient communities, and has built several side projects including an internet-enabled microwave.

  • Photo of Graham Smith, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Graham Smith

    Software Engineer

    Graham is a software engineer with over a decade of experience in all sorts of projects. He joined Ad Hoc after working in the ad tech & healthcare industries.

  • Photo of Amrom Steinmetz, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Amrom Steinmetz

    Software Engineer

    Amrom is a software engineer who enjoys solving tough problems and keeping up with the latest trends in technology.

  • Photo of Sarah-Jaine Szekeresh, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Sarah-Jaine Szekeresh

    Software Engineer

    Sarah-Jaine is passionate about making the world a happier, healthier and more productive place through web development and software innovation.

  • Photo of Chris Szeluga, Delivery Manager at Ad Hoc

    Chris Szeluga

    Delivery Manager

    Chris has an interest obsession with finding efficiencies in anything from critical government software development lifecycles to making pancakes.

  • Photo of Alex Taylor, Designer at Ad Hoc

    Alex Taylor


    Alex has been using design and technology to make things better than they were for over fifteen years. These days those things are mostly web applications.

  • Photo of Ian Topper, Technical Project Manager at Ad Hoc

    Ian Topper

    Technical Project Manager

    Ian has a decade of experience across the military, government and the private sector. Before joining AdHoc, Ian spent his time blowing things up as an Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal officer, but now he focuses on defusing problems encountered while developing products.

  • Photo of Christopher Valarida, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Christopher Valarida

    Software Engineer

    Web developer by day, vigilante musician / gamer / computer geek by night. Chris started learning to program as a kid so he could make video games, but now uses those skills to make the web a more beautiful place whenever he can.

  • Photo of Rachel Veal, Delivery Manager at Ad Hoc

    Rachel Veal

    Delivery Manager

    Rachel serves as a conduit for embedding innovative, cost-saving, and solution-based devops practices into all stages of development. She’s dedicated years to improving our government’s cyber resilience, and strives to transform the way we approach security.

  • Photo of Patrick Vinograd, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Patrick Vinograd

    Software Engineer

    Patrick has over a decade of experience building messaging and virtualization infrastructure. He spends his time making computers talk to each other, and making computers not talk to each other.

  • Photo of Kristin Walker, Research Coordinator at Ad Hoc

    Kristin Walker

    Research Coordinator

    Kristin has a passion to make a difference. Being able to connect with people and be a part of change is what she strives for.

  • Photo of Caitlin Weber, Designer at Ad Hoc

    Caitlin Weber


    Focused on social impact work, Caitlin is a designer trained to see patterns, and parallels across seemingly disparate ideas. She is a translator and short term expert, burdened with understanding concepts broadly (sometimes deeply), and interpreting that expert understanding into a human one.

  • Photo of Rob Wilkerson, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Rob Wilkerson

    Software Engineer

    Rob is a software engineer, but he hasn’t always been one. He’s also been an architect, a carpenter and a paratrooper, but never a butcher, baker or candlestick maker.

  • Photo of Carolyn Williams, Designer at Ad Hoc

    Carolyn Williams


    Carolyn joins Ad Hoc with over five years designing user-centered products for government and mission-based organizations. In her spare time she enjoys baking, crosswords, and exploring new cities.

  • Photo of Patrick Wolfert, Software Engineer at Ad Hoc

    Patrick Wolfert

    Software Engineer

    Patrick likes to make beautiful and useful things. His early programming days were spent developing games—where he found an exciting convergence of art, engineering, and storytelling—and now he enjoys a day job where his code really makes a difference, where he connects with a wide audience of Americans through the canvas of a web app and helps make their stories better.

  • Photo of Mel Woodard, Designer at Ad Hoc

    Mel Woodard


    Mel is focused on building beautiful, intuitive and scaleable products, with experience creating both complex enterprise applications and consumer experiences.