Research to support your software development


The Work

User research is a core component of agile software development. At Ad Hoc, we embed researchers into every project, gathering real-world information at every step of the process.

In March 2017, Ad Hoc launched Cohorts, a service of Ad Hoc that allows us to conduct incisive research with groups of relevant people to make government digital services work better for all.

This service allows us to recruit, manage, and reward people who participate in user research, which gives us a large and diverse pool of people who can help us gather insights on a wide array of government services.

We also offer standalone user research:

Quick consultation & recruitment $3,200

  • Analysis of your testing methodology and problem statement
  • Creation of a rubric for participant recruitment
  • Manage segmentation, scheduling, and then set up of tests that the customer conducts on their own

Usability testing $14,000

  • Two-week engagement
  • One or more Ad Hoc UX researchers plan and test one workflow in your software
  • Planning, recruiting, testing, and analysis report provided

Discovery research $48,000

  • A two-person, three-week engagement
  • Blue-sky discovery: Define the user problem at hand
  • Research existing patterns and systems that solve the problem and address the issue
  • Conduct one focus group session with relevant people who can provide primary input into a solution