Accelerating the ATO process with a platform approach

September 20, 2022

Building compliance into a platform can accelerate security approval, which can also help speed up delivery of critical services to the public. In this post, we’ll explore how it’s done.

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Building trust with users for long-term platform success

September 14, 2022

Building trusting relationships with your platform users is a powerful way to ensure your product remains strong and healthy and those using it have a positive experience. In this post, we outline ways that will put you on a path to achieving these goals.

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Building a trauma-informed research practice

September 06, 2022

Through our trauma-informed research practice, we’re working to help agencies better understand trauma. From there, we can help them improve how they meet individuals’ needs by offering assistance without triggering existing wounds or creating new ones.

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Connect the dots across your agency with product portfolio management

August 30, 2022

Product portfolio management is an essential strategy for tracking initiatives across a large organization. Here are our recommendations that will help set your teams up for success and deliver better outcomes for your customers.

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Using a product approach to build and modernize APIs

August 23, 2022

Hear from our team who spoke at the CMS Convergence event about how we use a product approach when developing APIs and the benefits that come from doing so.

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Using a continuous ATO for better compliance and real-time data

August 16, 2022

The ATO process can be a taxing, frustrating process that may slow down innovation on federal web applications. But enabling a continuous ATO can bring about a number of key benefits to both the program teams and those who review the ATO application.

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A remote-first guide to remote culture

August 09, 2022

As more organizations consider remote work, it’s important to understand what it entails and how to ensure all team members feel supported. In this piece, we share a few practices we’ve found success with.

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Developers are humans too: Why API documentation needs HCD

August 02, 2022

Human-centered design can be hugely beneficial to API documentation and the developers who reference it. Here are some ways to ensure the technical content is clear and concise.

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A quick study in the benefits of a cohesive cross-functional team

July 26, 2022

The benefits of working on a cross-functional team are many, and the experience is impactful for both the team and the customer. Let’s look at an example at how the flexibility of this kind of teaming helped us successfully produce under both time constraints and changing needs.

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Using design systems for digital success within the federal space

July 18, 2022

Design systems can be an important tool for agencies looking to scale their digital transformation and improve services to the public. Read more to learn what problems design systems can address and what lessons we’ve learned in developing them.

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Gaining reliable insights with incorrigible data

July 12, 2022

Data engineers in the public sector often face the challenge of large amounts of uncontrolled data from multiple sources. In this blog post, we look at solutions that help ensure reliability when resources are limited.

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The case for null in design systems

July 05, 2022

Sometimes an intentional absence of content is what’s needed in a design system. Here, we’ll explore why.

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