Ad Hoc’s design practice provides human-centered solutions that align stakeholder goals with user needs.

Blocky, the Ad Hoc mascot, building a wireframe.

Design bridges our research, product, and engineering practices by surfacing findings and aligning on proposed solutions. Our designers work with customers to shape and define user-facing products and the systems that support them.

We give our designers the agency to be empowered practitioners ready to jump in at any stage of a project. Every designer on our team has the appropriate skills required to contribute to products wherever they might be in their lifecycle.

UX principles

Our research and design practices align to create user-driven government services that take into account the diversity of the American people and the complexity of government.

We collaborate with and listen to users, government stakeholders, and agency partners.
We design in the open and are transparent about our process.
We design for all people and abilities.
We create straightforward systems, and we respect users’ time.
We design for the long haul.
We raise expectations for government digital services.

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Design team skills

  • Visual design
  • Interaction design
  • User experience design
  • Data visualization
  • Frontend development
  • Content
  • Information architecture
  • User research
  • Facilitation
  • Mentorship

Our Design team

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Recent Design posts

Developers are humans too: Why API documentation needs HCD

August 02, 2022

Human-centered design can be hugely beneficial to API documentation and the developers who reference it. Here are some ways to ensure the technical content is clear and concise.

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Using design systems for digital success within the federal space

July 18, 2022

Design systems can be an important tool for agencies looking to scale their digital transformation and improve services to the public. Read more to learn what problems design systems can address and what lessons we’ve learned in developing them.

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The case for null in design systems

July 05, 2022

Sometimes an intentional absence of content is what’s needed in a design system. Here, we’ll explore why.

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Bringing service design to the VA digital services platform

March 16, 2022

To meet the needs of internal customers, Ad Hoc’s platform service design team takes a service design approach to continuously gather feedback and use that information to improve user interactions and experiences with the VSP program.

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Developing a focus style for a themable design system

February 08, 2022

On a recent project, we had a set of focus styles built into a design system that were inconsistent and ineffective, leading to a not-so-great end user experience.

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Ad Hoc joins team on USDA Forest Service BPA to support modernization

December 02, 2021

Ad Hoc will be responsible for providing human-centered design (HCD) and research capabilities to this partnership. HCD and research are both areas of expertise for Ad Hoc.

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