Photo of Sam Gechter

Sam Gechter


Sam is a technical generalist with 20 years experience spanning a little bit of almost everything: information architecture, usability, database design and maintenance, collaboration systems, data visualization, Linux server management, cloud-based server infrastructure, and product management. Prior to Ad Hoc Sam was part of a team that developed a SaaS energy management tool used by over 240 municipal governments. The thread that runs through it all is that he loves bringing his insatiable curiosity to purpose driven work, helping people solve problems, introducing new ideas and practices into the workplace, and making people’s lives better.

Sam has a lot of hobbies that he’s happy to talk about, including, but not limited to, collecting old Matchbox cars, trawling flea markets for things that spark joy, home repair, drawing, gardening, sci-fi, anime, and everything aircraft. Sam lives in Somerville, MA with his wife, daughter, and son.

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