Achieving greater impact for Veterans with the Veterans Experience Center

Veterans have always played a critical role in how we research and help design products for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Veteran community.

So to make an even larger impact, we’ve created the Veterans Experience Center: a place where Veterans can make their voices heard and help improve how Ad Hoc and the VA serve Veterans, their families, and their caregivers.

Veterans are key to the process

At Ad Hoc, we take great pride in the work we do to help Veterans access their healthcare and benefits information and other resources in an easier, more efficient way.

Since the early years of the company, Ad Hoc has been supporting the VA as they build Veteran-centric websites, services, and applications. We continue to work with the VA to reimagine to prioritize Veterans’ needs, and we built the VA’s Health and Benefits mobile app to make it easier for Veterans to manage their benefits. We’ve also developed a VA’s Health and Benefits mobile app so the applications we build take into account the particular histories and experiences of Veterans.

That type of trauma-informed research is part of the human-centered design approach we take to all of our work. We make it a priority to talk to actual people as we design and build services. That input impacts everything from the words we use to the questions we ask to how we make sure services are accessible to people with disabilities.

But we wouldn’t be able to do any of it without working closely with real Veterans who have different abilities and backgrounds. Through this collaboration, we build products with Veterans because we want to understand their needs and design tools that meet them.

Growing our team to grow our impact

As we take our work to the next level to address even more priority Veteran needs, we’re hiring Veterans for part-time, 100% remote positions to help us transform the services they rely on. By joining the Veterans Experience Center, Veterans will help guide our work in areas that are most important to them. This work will include:

  • Completing surveys
  • Participating in user research sessions
  • Testing new features and apps designed for Veterans

Learn more about the position on our Veterans Experience Center page.

Veterans at Ad Hoc

Today, Ad Hoc employees Veterans across our company from our IT team and Growth teams to our Customer Success teams directly supporting the VA. Their knowledge and capabilities have helped shape Ad Hoc into the company it is, and their contributions have been a huge asset to furthering our work to support the VA and the Veteran community.

One of the primary reasons I chose Ad Hoc and I’m proud to work here is our commitment to the Veteran community. Ad Hoc’s impact on and many other projects continues to have tremendous impact on the lives of the 16+ million Veterans and their families through better access to VA care and benefits.

—Dennis Richter, Ad Hoc’s Chief People Officer and Army Veteran

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