Why Ad Hoc is offering free COVID-19 vaccination consulting

As we see news reports of vaccination information, scheduling, and sign-up apps failing to serve the public across the country, we’ve felt an increasing sense of urgency to make our knowledge and skills in this area available to governments.

That’s why we’re offering an hour of free consultation to any U.S. government operating a COVID-19 vaccination website or mobile app. There’s no catch. Just contact us, and we’ll help you.

If you’re an official in government at any level — federal, state, tribal, territorial, local, or municipal — and you require assistance for your website for whatever reason, especially if you’re having trouble scaling to meet demand, we would love to talk with you. We want to understand what problems you’re facing and offer concrete, actionable solutions. Here are some of the areas where we can help.

  • Prioritization — Build a list of targeted fixes that offer the most short-term performance improvement.
  • Monitoring — How to install and use monitoring tools to see exactly how your site is performing.
  • Database — Improve configurations, add indexes, optimize queries, and cache common requests to resolve bottlenecks.
  • Cloud — Identify the right cloud configuration to deal with unpredictable, spiky, or heavy traffic.
  • App performance — Identify and resolve bugs preventing users from making it through your service.
  • Deployment pipeline/change management — Automating deployments and testing so you can make changes with confidence.
  • UX/UI improvements — Suggest UI flow improvements that preserve requirements but are centered on the user experience.

We started Ad Hoc after my co-founder Greg Gershman and I helped rescue the launch of HealthCare.gov, another moment in which the infrastructure for a public service being delivered through digital channels nearly crumbled. Building scalable, resilient digital services for government with great user experiences is Ad Hoc’s entire reason for being. This isn’t a business development opportunity for us. We just want to help get as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible and end the suffering of the pandemic.

This moment, where public service, high demand, high expectations, government IT, and website operations converge, is one in which Ad Hoc is almost uniquely constituted to assist. We have the experience and expertise to operate a high-traffic, mission-critical website, such as we have with VA.gov, the new Medicare Plan Finder, and the continued evolution of HealthCare.gov, among others.

If you’re a government official that could use technical consulting to assist your COVID-19 vaccine program, please get in touch.