Ad Hoc awarded contract to support VA healthcare modernization

Ad Hoc, as part of a team led by prime contractor Liberty IT Solutions, LLC (Liberty), has been awarded a contract to support a critical Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare modernization project.

The Healthcare Integration & Modernization (HI&M) project is part of a larger effort by VA to create a smooth and efficient experience as Veterans move from active duty to VA care. Creating a common system for Veterans’ electronic health records will help both VA and the Department of Defense provide a seamless system of care for Veterans.

As part of the team led by Liberty, Ad Hoc will bring our expertise in human-centered design to the HI&M project. In all of our work with VA, we take a Veteran-centric approach to designing and building digital services. That means that at every stage of the process we’re talking with real Veterans about their needs and using what we learn to inform the work of the team. As we build, we go back to test iterations with users to ensure what we’re building meets their most pressing needs.

In our work on, Ad Hoc and our partners interviewed nearly 1,000 Veterans as we designed a new experience that put Veterans’ needs first. The new experience used insights from those interviews to create a simple, straightforward process that connects Veterans with the benefits and information they need. We’ve even brought this human-centered approach to how we build APIs that give developers access to VA data so they can build tools for Veterans. We’re excited to bring this same approach to the HI&M project.

We’re thrilled for this opportunity to join Liberty in continuing to serve VA as they create a more streamlined healthcare experience for Veterans. As a Veteran myself, I’m proud of the essential products that the Ad Hoc team is delivering to better the lives of all of my fellow compatriots, their families, and caregivers.

Learn more about Ad Hoc’s work with the VA on Veteran-facing applications and platforms.

Photo by Bob Smith on Unsplash