Easy eclipse viewing with #remotelife

Photograph of eclipse showing in clouds

Sometimes, a once-in-a-generation event comes along to mess with your work day.

Fortunately for Ad Hoc team members, #remotelife made it possible for many of us to a break to watch the eclipse, and adjust our work schedule accordingly. Also, a large number of us are space nerds, so it was happening.

Here’s a sample of how our team members (safely) watched the eclipse from their hometown.

Nick Clyde's pinhole camera box Nick Clyde’s pinhole camera box in Baltimore

Caption The view Inside Nick’s pinhole camera

Ben Kutil's camera rig Ben Kutil’s camera rig in rural Pennsylvania

Amazing shadows captured by Mel Woodard Amazing Washington State shadows captured by Mel Woodard

Totality from Mokane, Missouri Totality from Mokane, Missouri, captured by Lauryl Zenobi

Banner photo credit: Sophia Dengo