Patient Evaluations

Department of Veterans Affairs

Photo of Patient Evaluations

Better Veteran Medical Examinations

Faced with a growing backlog of claims, we built a new, flexible solution that helps VA medical examiners do what they do best — help patients get the care they need.

The Problem

Hundreds of medical forms stranded in legacy software needed to be incorporated into an online solution for medical examiners, and quickly.</p>

The Solution

Ad Hoc designed and developed CUI (Clinician User Interface) to enable VA examiners to evaluate Veterans’ disabilities for claims processing, replacing a legacy desktop application with a web-based solution that is never out-of-date and can run on any platform with a modern web browser. To ease the burden of developing forms for hundreds of exams, Ad Hoc created a form markup language that is easy to understand so that non-technical analysts can keep the VA exams up-to-date.

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